Health Dashboard

TraqFreq provides insights into your playing habits and enables you to set playing limits to encourage healthy playing habits in order to help reduce the risk of injuries or recover from injuries. For instance:

  • Rest regularly while playing - rest 5 minutes after 45 minutes of playing, or take frequent short pauses during a session.
  • Limit your total playing time for the day, depending on your fitness level.
  • Limit your increase in weekly playing time - between 10% and 20% per week.

Set the limits and TraqFreq reports on your progress towards these healthy goals.

Quick start

The Week Target and Week Limit

The goal for the week is to play enough to get into the Fitness Zone but not go beyond the Week Limit, while taking the necessary rest each day in doing so (as indicated by the Rest Today icon )

Playing in the Fitness Zone increases fitness - as does going beyond it, but at the risk of exceeding your physical capability with the increased possibility of injury.

  • Week Target
    The target for this week is to play at least the same amount as last week but to limit an increase to no more than 10%-20% (configurable).
  • Week Limit
    A value of 10%-20% more than the Week Target, depending on the fitness level.
  • Day Target
    The Week Target spread evenly over the days in the week.
  • Day Limit
    A day limit can be set as a fixed duration or as a percentage of the Day Target. This is shown in the Day Limit chart.
  • Session Limit
    Limit the length of sessions and rest at the end. e.g. rest for 5 minutes AFTER no longer than 45 minutes of playing. Pauses during the session are not considered in this analysis, only the overall session length and the rest at the end. This is shown in the Session Limit chart.
  • Strain
    More pauses during a session results in lower strain. Accumulate rest as short frequent pauses without limiting the length of sessions. e.g. accumulate about 5 minutes of pauses DURING every 45 minutes of playing, without limiting the length of the session. Thus pauses during the session are also considered in this analysis. This is shown in the Strain chart.
  • Rest Today
    The Rest Today indicator will be displayed in orange if you were not within your rest limits for today - Session Limit, Day Limit and Strain.
  • Recent Rest
    Looking back over the last week, the indicator will show the relationship between the days that were within your rest limits and the days that were not within your limits. A larger percentage of orange indicates less rest during the most recent days.
  • Fitness
    You get fitter when you play regularly and more each week. If you play significantly more in a week then you don't necessarily get fitter to play consistently at that level. When you play more than the Week Target, your fitness level and next weeks' target increases but only to within limits.
    Similarly, if you stop playing, your fitness does not immediately drop to zero - fitness and the weekly target gradually decreases over time.

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