Play Time Tracking

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  • TraqFreq is the only musical instrument activity tracker that automatically monitors your playing activity. Manual entries are not needed.
  • Track playing time, sessions, passages, songs, sets and more.
  • TraqFreq is a small device that easily attaches on the inside or outside of your instrument. Once installed, it automatically turns on and off and detects when and how long you play.
  • Playing information is stored on the device and then later uploaded to your phone.
  • Various charts and analysis of your playing is available.
  • Evaluate your playing behavior, frequency and consistency.

Instrument Tuner

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TraqFreq features a unique, innovative and feature packed tuner!

  • Detection is done on the instrument but displayed via bluetooth, with fast lag free updates.
  • The display can be either a phone or a TV!
  • Get the best of both a clip-on tuner (external noise resilience), and an app tuner (ease of use and large screen).
  • Tuning accuracy to within 0.1 cents!
  • Provides 4 different display modes.
  • Display modes for a strobe, needle and both strobe and needle.
  • See the lifespan of the strings that are currently being tuned, based on actual playing time.
  • Use built-in tunings and temperaments, or easily create you own.
  • An innovative intonation mode helps you accurately compute an intonation offset for each string.
  • Audio tuning plays the tone of the note currently being tuned, while the needle and strobe is unaffected.
  • Configure the reference pitch, global offset and transposition.
  • Double tap your instrument to restart the tuner after it times out.
  • Uses over 20 times less power than competing tuners!

Compare TraqFreq to the best clipon tuners.

TraqFreq Others
Accuracy 0.1c 0.1c
Screen size Phone-Tv Small
Intonation mode Yes No
String life status Yes No
TV app Yes No
Phone app Yes No
Graphical displays 4 modes 1 mode
Strobe and Needle Both One
Audible tuner Yes No
Visible to audience No Yes
Tuning range A0-G5 A0-C8
Reference pitch 390-490Hz 390-490Hz
Reference pitch resolution 0.1Hz 1Hz
Cents display 0.1c No
Octave display Yes No
In-tune confirmation Yes Yes
In-tune strobe confirmation Yes No
Installation Tac/Tape Clip each time
Clamp concerns No Yes
Size Small Medium
Accessibility Easy Awkward
Fits inside instrument Yes No
Touch screen Phone No
Switching tunings Easy Difficult
Unlimited tunings Yes No
Visible tunings Instrument specific All tunings
Firmware upgrades Yes No
Double tap gesture Yes No
External noise resilience Good Good
Supply tracking Yes No
Playing time tracking Yes No
Climate tracking Yes No
Live stats Yes No
Health tracker Yes No
Goals Yes No
Reports Yes No
Records Yes No
Timers Yes Some
Playing summary Yes No
Voice activation TV app No
Global offset Yes No
Screen scratches No Easily
Daylight visibility Best Good
Dynamic brightness Yes Sometimes
Battery 1200 hrs (tuner only) 20 hrs
Weight 15 g ~40 g

Live Playing Stats

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  • View your playing stats in real-time, live as you practise or perform.
  • Displays real time information updated every second, on a phone or TV using the TraqFreq phone and TV apps.
  • See details for the current Tune, Session, Day and Week.
  • Set playing limits and get notifications as you play.
  • Can be used during practise sessions or live performances.
  • 5 display modes to help you focus on various Live playing scenarios - Practise, Health, Studio, Stage and Solo.

Health Insights

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  • TraqFreq analyzes your playing habits and provides insights and recommendations to help you avoid or recover from injuries.
  • A playing 'Fitness' provides an analysis of playing data to reveal health insights.
  • Based on playing patterns, an analysis is performed and key insights and suggestions are presented.
  • Gain insights into Effort and Strain.
  • Identify and regulate healthy lengths of practice and break time to recover from and/or prevent injuries.
  • Get notifications when you reach your health limits for the day and week.

Climate Monitoring

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  • TraqFreq provides innovative climate monitoring, designed specifically for musical instruments.
  • Continuously monitor the temperature and humidity of your instrument.
  • Set up thresholds and rules, and get notifications when conditions become a concern.
  • A climate index scores a collection of rules; one simple number to represent the severity of the climate conditions, based on current and previous climate conditions.
  • Perform a root cause analysis of which climate conditions cause issues.
  • Climate data can be seen in charts, calander and table views.
  • Playing times can be overlayed with climate data to see how playing affects your instruments climate.

Supply Tracking

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  • TraqFreq precisely tracks your supply usage based on your actual playing time.
  • Supplies can be strings, bows or whatever you want to track.
  • Get insights as to when to change your supply.
  • See your string usage as you tune your instrument!
  • Keep account of the number of supply sets you use.
  • Recognize how your supplies last in varying climatic conditions.
  • Set usage zones for New, Record, Perform and Practice zones.


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  • Create various goals based on actual playing time and monitor progress towards your goals.
  • See detailed charts showing progress towards your goals.
  • Define goals for weekly activity, weekly frequency, total days and total activity.
  • Target playing time, songs, sets, epics, sessions and passages.
  • Stay motivated and reach your goals as you progress.

Sharing and Reports

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  • View reports and send them to yourself, your parents, teachers and friends.
  • Parents and teachers keep in touch with student progress as they learn to play musical instruments.
  • Configure what details are contained in a report.
  • Schedule reports to be sent by email on a weekly, monthly or custom interval.
  • Alternatively, share any chart or view using the share button.


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  • View a list of all-time records for playing and climate conditions.
  • New records are highlighted on the main dashboard as they happen.
  • Get notified when you reach a new record.


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  • Create timers and stopwatches for specific events or practise sessions.
  • Timers run on the TraqFreq device, so they continue to run and accumulate time even when you play and your phone is off.
  • Uses actual playing time, not a simplistic wallclock duration.
  • Timers start and stop automatically when you start and stop playing.