8. Reports

View reports and send them to yourself, your parents, teachers and friends; using email or sharing on social media.

A. Types of Reports

The Report Dashboard lists all your configured reports

Reports are defined over an interval and show a summary of all the TraqFreq features for that interval, namely playing, climate, supplies, health and goals. The following 3 types of reports are available:

1. Weekly Reports

Create a report for an interval of 1 week. The report can be defined for the last week, or the last 7 days from the time of viewing or sending the report.

2. Monthly Reports

Create a report for an interval of 1 month. The report can be defined for the last calendar month, or the last 30 days from the time of viewing or sending the report.

3. Interval Reports

Create a report for a custom defined interval. The interval can be in the past or in the future. For instance, view a report over an interval of 2 months from last summer, for all of 2021, or set a future end time for the report for a course you are currently taking and get regular updated reports while that course is running. Simply change the interval start and end dates and view the updated report.

B. Reports settings

1. Cards

Select which cards in the report you want to see by tapping on the orange check for each card. The Goals and Health cards are currently only available for weekly and monthly reports, not interval reports.

View a Report and select which cards to show.

2. Sharing

Use the share menu at the top of the page to choose which cards to share, and share with any app installed on your phone.

Another way to share is using Auto sharing - automatically email a report at the specified time. The report can be emailed every week or every month on the chosen due day. Note, the auto sharing frequency is independent of the report interval, so you could email a report of the last 30 days every week. Typically though, you would configure a monthly report to be sent out once a month.

Enter a list of email addresses separated by a comma or semicolon and an optional handle for the 'Email from' field. Disable auto sharing by configuring the frequency field or by removing all email addresses.

If your phone does not upload new data in the report interval then no more reports are emailed until there is new data.

For interval reports, the email will not be sent when the interval does not overlap with the current time, so for instance, your report for 2021 won't be emailed every week during 2022.

Configure report settings