2. Getting Started

Congratulations on purchasing a TraqFreq!

There are three steps to install your TraqFreq. The order of these steps is important:

  1. Install the TraqFreq app from the app store.
  2. Register your TraqFreq with the app.
  3. Lastly, attach your TraqFreq to your Instrument.

1. Install the TraqFreq app from the app store

Download and launch the TraqFreq mobile app from the app store. You’ll be guided through the process of creating an account.

A demo instrument is installed with the app which contains data from a musician using a TraqFreq on their instrument over a period of one year. In this way, you can use the app and get a feel of the features, and also not have to wait for weeks or months of gathering your own data to appreciate the full power of all the features. You can also review our other tutorial videos and use the demo instrument to navigate and learn the app. You can always delete this demo instrument at any time in the Instrument picker.

2. Register your TraqFreq with the App

Register your TraqFreq with the app using the add button on the main dashboard. This will start the registration wizard.

Tap the Add button to start the registration wizard

3. Attach your TraqFreq to your Instrument
  • Remove the tape liner from the thinner tape and attach to the bottom of the enclosure, where there is no logo.
  • Attach the thicker tape to the thinner tape.
  • Remove the liner from the thicker tape.
  • Refer to the guide for the most ideal location for installing in or on your musical instrument.
  • Lightly attach your TraqFreq to your instrument with the double-sided tape. For instruments that allow access to the inside, this may be the preferable location. For other instruments, place on the outside. For electric and bass guitars, the ideal outside position is the back of the headstock.
  • Do not install your TraqFreq such that the air vents are blocked by the side of your instrument. This will prevent TraqFreq from obtaining the most accurate climate readings. Installing the tape Installing the tape

Now, just pick up your instrument and play. When you're done, open the app, and the app will automatically sync with your instrument. Since TraqFreq supports multiple instruments, after you have added your instrument, you can always go back to see the demo instrument by opening the device picker, and selecting the demo instrument.