Our patented technology comprises carefully designed hardware and finely tuned machine learning algorithms applied to tracking music activity to ensure optimal battery lifespan, accurate and robust results, bringing you the first and only musical instrument activity tracker that monitors Playing, Climate and Supplies.

Track Your Tune!

TraqFreq™[1, track-freak] tracks playing activity on musical instruments. This includes:

  • the Time, Sessions, Passages, Songs, Epics  and  Sets that you play [2]

  • the dates, lengths,  times, totals and trends of the above

  • current, past, recent and most significant playing sessions, and the time between them

  • day and night patterns

  • breaks and inactivity

Add a supported instrument and a musician, and the rest is truly automatic!

TraqFreq supports most non-percussive instruments that generate some degree of sound and can accommodate the TraqFreq device. This includes acoustic and electric string, brass, reed and wind instruments.

TraqFreq is designed for student, amateur and professional musicians - all ages and levels of musicianship, as well as parents and teachers of children learning to play musical instruments.

Its About Time!

  • Know and see what you are doing with your time on your musical instrument

  • Advance your talent by constantly indexing and assessing your various musical activities  [2]

  • Study and evaluate your playing behavior, frequency and consistency

  • Measure and modulate your practice times

  • Survey the dates, times, lengths and ranges of your practice sessions and performances

  • Follow the improvements and recessions in your playing time

  • Parents and teachers keep in touch with student progress as they learn to play musical instruments

  • Stay motivated and impressed by your own progress

  • Be reminded when you forget to play, and play sufficiently

  • Establish whether your work towards your musical objectives is adequate or excessive

  • Realize how much practice is needed for concerts and recording sessions

  • Catalog your actual time and other musical activities in the studio

  • Document your playing statistics and total time across all of your instruments

  • Identify and regulate healthy lengths of practice and playing time suitable for your own musical proficiency and fitness

  • Ascertain how long to play and when to increase your time if you have physical injuries and limitations

  • Harness the powerful features in TraqFreq quickly and without prior experience with its highly intuitive interface

Control the Climate!

  • Protect yourself and your instrument with the only weather-monitoring system that factors in your musical activity

  • Monitor your instrument when it is safely in storage, outside its case, and precisely when it is played

  • Focus on the state of the wood with TraqFreq mounted directly on your instrument and distant from humidifiers

  • Differentiate between intentional humidification and hazardous concerns

  • Review your playing activities and personal exposure in relation to prevailing and elapsed weather conditions

  • Reference your Climate history in alternative charts and views

  • Remain environmentally aware with our straightforward "Climate Index", and leave all the strategics to TraqFreq. The intricate details are still just a tap away from the main dashboard  [More Info]

  • Set the climate thresholds as a basis for the extensive computations carried out by TraqFreq

  • Receive optional and customizable alerts

Track Supplies!

  • Track the lifespan of virtually any supply, like strings, plectrums, bows and rosin!   [More Info]

  • Help is now on hand for new musicians and others who cannot recall when their strings were last replaced or discern when they should do so

  • Keep account of the number of string sets you use and the costs involved

  • Plan ahead for supplies and expenditure

  • Compensate for aspects that affect the longevity of supplies, like age, playing time, idle time, weather conditions, and type of material and coating

  • Recognize how strings last in varying climatic conditions

  • Log string sets and cycle more confidently between them before their durations end

  • Confirm, document and/or recall when a particular supply is suitable for recording, performing, or just practicing.  Also track the break-in time before strings are ready for recording

  • Determine and compare the amount of playing time that is possible with various brands and categories of strings

  • Modify the supply zone parameters anytime and exactly as you like

  • Be alerted when to change a supply

  • Remember when to reset the tracking of a supply you have changed, and in an entirely unobtrusive manner

Do More!

  • Examine all your statistics with a choice of informative representations and graphs

  • Resolve which instruments you spend the most time playing and contrast that with others in your collection

  • Specify the maximum amount of inactivity before tuning down strings in order to avoid damaging your instruments

  • View the total hours you have played to more closely establish when the wood of a new instrument is likely to open up

  • Probe the distinctive loudness of your playing, and of individual songs and instruments, and measure that against others

  • Discover if someone else has played your instrument without your knowledge, such as when travelling

Get Going!

  • Designed for beginners and professionals alike

  • Supports most non-percussive instruments that generate some degree of sound and can accommodate the TraqFreq.  This includes acoustic and electric string, brass, reed and wind instruments

  • Access your TraqFreq statistics anywhere with a smartphone

  • Rest easy with user profile security

Coming Soon!

  • Many more exciting and innovative features to be rolled out via over-the-air firmware updates!

  • Back up and sync automatically to the cloud so that you can read and restore your data on your mobile device or on another

[1] Pronounced "Traq" as in track, and "Freq" as in frequency.

[2] TraqFreq has a highly intuitive interface that does not require training in order to use it, but there is power behind its simplicity! To begin with, TraqFreq continually identifies, tracks and analyzes playing time and other forms of musical activity as follows:

    • Time is playing time
    • Sessions are instances of play separated by significant recesses
    • Recent is the previous session of the day
    • Inactive is the length of time between playing
    • Passages are shorter than songs
    • Songs are longer than passages
    • Epics are overly extended songs or ranges of play
    • Sets are collections of songs

More is explained in our Guide, under How Musical Activity is Interpreted