Guide: 5. Technical
5.1. Installation

TraqFreq in its case holder in a smaller than 0-size guitar


  1. TraqFreq is supplied with a case holder (see photograph above) that is to be used mainly when installing inside an instrument. This will enable one to remove it entirely and single-handedly with the utmost of ease when changing the battery.

  2. Only mount the TraqFreq without the case holder when it is in plain sight, such as behind the headstock of an electric guitar and on a saxophone.

  3. Mounting without the case holder ensures that the device will not move or be dislodged ordinarily when it is touched.

  4. For optimum play detection, mount the TraqFreq securely on the surface with the supplied adhesive tape.

  5. The ideal transmission range can be obtained by mounting the TraqFreq with the logo facing away from the instrument (see photograph below), as this is where the antenna is housed.

TraqFreq mounted on a violin with a chinrest screw

Instrument Installation Reference


  • All Brass
    Mount where space allows and without the case holder.


  • Acoustic Guitar
    Inside the body using the supplied case holder, or behind the headstock without the case holder.

  • Banjo
    Directly without the case holder on a preferred area on the external rim or internally on the pot.

  • Bass Guitar
    Behind the headstock, without the case holder.

  • Cello
    Under the fingerboard or bridge using the case holder, or in a more accessible area without the case holder.

  • Double Bass
    Under the fingerboard or bridge using the case holder, or in a more accessible area without the case holder.

  • Electric Guitar
    Behind the headstock, without the case holder.

  • Harp
    Where preferred, and without the case holder.

  • Mandolin
    Inside the body using the case holder, or behind the headstock or anywhere on the body without the case holder.

  • Piano
    On the front or rear of the soundboard, with or without the case holder. For remote performances, without mounting place freely near the keyboard or soundboard with the logo facing upwards.

  • Violins & Violas
    Mount on a bracket directly without the case holder and attach as desired. These optional brackets are available for purchase in our store.


  • All Woodwinds
    To begin with, the instrument needs to be large enough to house the TraqFreq - for example, the clarinet and oboe. For these types of woodwinds, mount where space allows and without the case holder.

5.2. Calibration

TraqFreq requires calibration after installation and every time it is repositioned or removed. Calibration is necessary for proper optimization, and the procedure differs according to the instrument. The process is always simple and fast, and it is not required if the TraqFreq is not relocated in between replacing the battery. When that does occur, TraqFreq will alert you to the fact.

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5.3. Specifications

Supported Musical Instruments

Most non-percussive instruments that generate some degree of sound and can accommodate the TraqFreq device. This includes acoustic and electric string, brass, reed and wind instruments.​

Age Group and Proficiency

All ages and levels of musicianship, as well as parents and teachers of small children learning to play musical instruments.

Onboard Storage

About one month's data can be stored on the device without synchronizing with the TraqFreq app.


BLE 4.1 or better. The range is approximately 300 ft (100 meters) in full line of sight. Indoor obstacles such as walls or furniture will affect the distance of transmission.


User-replaceable CR2450. The lifespan is roughly 6 months when playing 4 hours a day.


  • Android 5.0+

  • iOS 9+


1 1/4" x 7/16" (32 mm x 11 mm), excluding the additional case holder.


Approximately 0.53 oz (15 grams) with the battery.

What is Included

  • 1 x TraqFreq device

  • The TraqFreq app

  • 1 x Lithium CR2450 battery

  • 1 x case holder, to facilitate changing the battery when the device is mounted inside a musical instrument

  • Adhesive tape for mounting the device with or without its case holder

† We are not liable for any damage to an instrument arising from installation or extended use of the TraqFreq device. The responsibility rests solely with the user to ensure that the device is installed and retained in a manner that does not adversely affect their instrument/s.

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