Guide: 4. LiveTraq
4.1. LiveTraq Highlights


LiveTraq is an additional app that provides automatic and continual feedback from TraqFreq during all your musical activities. LiveTraq displays information related to the present session only, and it does not erase, manage or permanently store data from the TraqFreq. Both LiveTraq and the TraqFreq app run alternatively and independently.


  1. Get live feedback of your current playing statistics while learning, practicing, performing and recording.

  2. See what you are accomplishing as you play.

  3. Leave your clock behind? LiveTraq is never too busy with playing stats to not give you the time of day! And it does so in ways that decidedly facilitate keeping to your playing schedule.

  4. Avoid missing vital climate alerts when you're focused on playing and the audience.

  5. The integrated FreqShot has its finger on the button to turn your Smartphone or tablet into a musical instrument activity camera. Welcome to personal stage photography and movies, sophisticated, simple and seamless - wherever and only while you, specifically, are playing!

  6. Designed to be unobtrusive as you perform.

How It Works

  1. LiveTraq automatically begins operating when you play and ends when you stop.

  2. The LiveTraq screen displays 3 sets of information. By default, these are:

    • Clock (time of day)

    • Time (playing time)

    • Songs (number of songs)

  3. Other TraqFreq-specific parameters can be chosen and arranged as desired. These include:

    • Clock (time of day)

    • Time (playing time)

    • Sessions (instances of play separated by recesses)

    • Passages (shorter than Songs)

    • Songs (longer than Passages)

    • Sets (a collection of Songs)

    • Epics (overly extended Songs or ranges of play)Count Up (multiple counter profiles can be created with the option to trigger automatically on play detection)

    • Count Down (identical otherwise to Count Up)

  4. LiveTraq remains in a dimmed state and wakes only to report briefly, conserving phone/tablet battery power and keeping statistics comfortable on the eyes.

  5. In addition to auto-sensing playing activity, LiveTraq displays your playing data momentarily when you begin and stop playing. This helps to make live statistics convenient and unobtrusive.

  6. LiveTraq statistics are also shown at a certain time within each minute, both for frequent viewing and in order to indicate the approximate number of seconds before total playing time should end. For example, if a performance is scheduled to stop at 8:10 p.m. and LiveTraq statistics are configured to show half way through each minute, a quick glance at the clock, and the musician will know that he/she should end playing 30 seconds after the LiveTraq screen switches on during the last minute.

  7. Auto Night Mode automatically sets the font brightness and your chosen colors in darkness and daylight.

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