Guide: 6. General
6.1. Traveling with Your TraqFreq™

As a rule, playing time detection is automatically disabled during transit, be it a moving vehicle, train or airplane. TraqFreq does continue to monitor climate and supplies, albeit without factoring in playing data. This feature significantly improves power consumption.

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6.2. Why Impact Monitoring is Not Supported

Impact detection was supported for several years before production, but for many reasons we were not satisfied with its usefulness to musicians and the results obtained from even the best sensor we were using. However, we believe we have a superior, upcoming alternative :)

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6.3. The Significance of the Icons

Except for LiveTraq, these icons appear only on the Flyout menu of the TraqFreq app. The teal dot depicts the TraqFreq product case, and the meanings are as follows:


TraqFreq tracking a piano, a pianist with hands on the keyboard, and a bar chart as featured on the dashboard.


TraqFreq ringing a bell to notify.


This is both the TraqFreq logo and the Tunes dashboard icon that indicates tracking a stringed instrument player - though of course many other instruments are supported as well! When the image is rotated a quarter turn left it also portrays a cello and double bass player; vertically, it is an unintentional truck, for musicians on the go ;)


Here, TraqFreq is shining down on a stringed instrument case in place of the sun, which can be detrimental to an instrument that is exposed directly to it. The illustration further denotes the sun and a thermometer.


A bass guitar head to which the strings (supplies) are attached. Additionally, TraqFreq monitors the downward motion of each particular supply as it depletes.


TraqFreq tracking a harp, and a crown on top indicating achievement.


TraqFreq counting the seconds a musician plays. This icon is based on the function of a digital metronome and follows the DemoTraq page design.


A stringed instrument tuning machine, near which the TraqFreq can also be mounted. This icon eludes to 'tuning' the TraqFreq settings.


A bowed instrument player with arm and bow in horizontal position, this symbol moreover typifies the conventional "bulleted list" (• ─) log icon. When rotated left or right, the log becomes a crotchet with the TraqFreq above it.


A musician on stage with arms extended toward the audience, and the TraqFreq above the bell of a trumpet. In left or right rotation it represents TraqFreq monitoring a source - i.e. musician - playing 'live' through a PA speaker.

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