Guide: 2. Climate
2.1. The Climate Index

The Climate Index is located under the Climate section on the main dashboard. There, the number on the top left side (the orange 7 in the image below) and the chart are an assessment of both temperature and humidity combined. Represented on a scale of 1-10, the Index numeral and chart display in orange when the analysis of several factors reach a point of concern. Among others, these include the actual weather conditions, periods and fluctuations of exposure of the instrument to the elements, and playing and inactive environments. Alerts are therefore not regulated purely by the custom thresholds provided in the Flyout menu > Settings > Thresholds, though certainly they do influence the results. Instead, this analytical system works to identify the truly significant effects of weather on susceptible musical instruments and to greatly simplify interpretation for players, leaving the comprehensive and often unnecessary details within easy reach from the main dashboard.


The Climate section on the main dashboard of the TraqFreq™ app

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